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Read more about Dawn.

The Best Baby Names for Every Zodiac Sign

Greek: All gifted; According to mythology Pandora was the first woman endowed with gifts from the gods. Read more about Pandora. Read more about Nova. Latin: Lion; a popular name in ancient Rome and the name of thirteen popes; The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism Read more about Leo.

Baby Names Beginning with M

Read more about Celeste. Any parent must be over the moon with joy to name their little girl Luna. Short, sweet and celestial, Luna is also the name Read more about Luna. Read more about Leilani.

Baby names by Hindu birth star, Name starting letter by birth star

Read more about Star. Read more about Bianca. Greek: Son of fire, dawning; The mythological Orion was a mighty hunter and son of Poseidon. The constellation Orion contains three Read more about Orion.


From the Shakespearean play Hamlet Read more about Ophelia. The heroine of the greatest love story ever told, Juliet moves one step beyond the more prosaic Julie and Julia, and is heard Read more about Juliet. Read more about Nevaeh. Read more about Kiana. Girl Names Boy Names See popular names in: Baby names we are discussing Friend's name Please enter your friend's name. Your email Please enter a valid email address. Your name Please enter your name.

Online Baby Names Search Engine

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Choosing a baby name by birth star

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To see the list please chick here Here we do suggest a baby name for your baby boy or girl based on your origin. We will calculate baby's moon sign Rashi , birth star Nakshtra , position of Jupitor and the lucky Life number. We will then filter our database based on baby's gender , number , origin , rashi , Nakshtra and position of Jupiter Guru on birth chart.

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  • This is first time ever on internet where you get customized baby name suggestion for Free. Numerology is used here is followed from famous numerologist ever, Cheiro which is the most effective Name numerology system ever invented. Cheiro numerology defines number from 1 to for each name instead of in other systems and calculated based on all different combinations from 1 to In Indian numerology there are three ways a name is identified.